Sunday, August 29, 2010

Electrical Outlets

So let's say you stick a fork in these bad boys one too many times and break the sumbitch. You can either call me, or replace it yourself. First, find the circuit breaker leading to it, and turn it off. Then, unscrew the cover and you see the naked leprechaun supplying your vacuum with the proper amount of suction.

Shoo him away, and cut off the wires. Stick the new outlet in, and connect the wires as seen above. Put the cover back on and wait 2 days for the leprechaun to come back. Switch the power back on, and proceed to stick knives in it instead of forks. It's a rookie mistake.

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Scotty B

Friday, August 27, 2010

Hello World

Hey Everyone! My name is Scott Barrios and I work as an electronic technician in my hometown of Fargo, ND. In this blog, I'll post some useful information on electronics so that you won't have to call me up ;) Well, that's about all I got, will see you on 'The Barrios Report'!